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Membership Terms & Conditions


This contract made between the client and FIT4MOM Main Line & Media is a month to month agreement and except as provided in the initial 10 day cancellation policy below, may be terminated by either party with the proper advance notice. This membership allows you to attend unlimited Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, & Strides 360 classes each month.


I authorize FIT4MOM Main Line & Media to initiate a charge to the credit card number entered into Pike13 for my dues. This authorization is to remain effective until I have cancelled my membership through the FIT4MOM franchise owner.

I have the right to stop payment on an Electronic Funds Transfer debit by notifying my bank. This, however, does not void my contract with FIT4MOM to fulfill my payment commitment and I am obligated to pay. Dues will be drawn monthly from the account on file on the 1st day of the month, every month until I have cancelled my membership through the FIT4MOM franchise owner. The processing date for debit cards may vary due to banking procedures. If charges are returned they will be subject to a return fee of $25. Members are responsible for updating credit card information online. Members may not attend class who have unpaid balances. If a membership remains unpaid it will be cancelled.


To cancel this membership, the member must contact the FIT4MOM franchise owner to complete our Change of Membership Request Form with 15 days notice (15th of the current month) to the next billing cycle to cancel for the following month.

Example: Submit form by Jan. 15 - cancel effective Feb. 1. Submit form after Jan. 15 - cancel effective Mar. 1

All cancellations will occur on the 30th/31st to coordinate with our billing cycle. No refunds will be given for dues already paid. This membership is not transferable to another person or anywhere outside the FIT4MOM Main Line & Media franchise. Once a membership is cancelled, if the member wants to re-enroll they will be charged the full registration fee.


Memberships may be held a maximum of 3 months per calendar year. Hold starts will coincide with the next billing date and can end on any day of the month. When a hold period is ended, the monthly auto payments will resume on the return date. There will be a $20 processing fee charged to your credit card on file for the hold period. Holds may be place in instances of illness, injury, or maternity leave. Holds may not be placed for extended vacations, returning to work, holidays, or breaks.


You, the buyer, may cancel this agreement at any time prior to midnight of the tenth (10th) calendar day after you have signed this agreement. To cancel this agreement, written notice must be received by FIT4MOM Main Line & Media within the initial ten days. You are responsible for paying for the classes already attended.


By purchasing this contract, you are agreeing to the terms of this contract. Terms of this agreement may change with proper advance written notice.

Any questions can be directed to erintaylor@fit4mom.com