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Our Village Playgroup Captain

The Play group Captain position consists of helping the franchisee in creating an inviting group where moms with kids of all ages can have fun, meet other new moms and be a part of something special, Our Village. Our Village is where moms feel safe and can get answers and support about motherhood. Our Village consists of three essential components:

1. Playgroups (once per week)

2. Moms’ Nights Out (once per month)

3. Moms with a Mission community activities (once per quarter)


  • Extend a warm welcome to every new mom and welcome them to the play group and our social media sites.
  • Arrive to class at least 5 min. early to help welcome moms to class.
  • Prepare and post to our social media site a monthly calendar of events for Our Village. (Events cannot coincide with fitness classes.) Calendar activities must include:

A) Weekly Our Village play group events and outings (after class, 10:30am). You are the point of contact/leader of these events, so your attendance is necessary. Activities may revolve around the alphabet,numbers, colors, holidays, seasons, etc. and should take into consideration the ages of all of the participants (birth – kindergarten). Activities should vary between sensory, art, creative play, physical activity, literary,scientific discovery, mathematics, social/cultural, etc.

B) Post all play group activities to our social media sites after the franchisee’s approval. Create event an event under FIT4MOM Main Line & Media Facebook page. PGC will have administrative access to our social media pages to post the activities and will be listed online as the contact person/coordinator of all Our Village activities.

C) Play group Captains will be given a monthly budget for expenses and will need to plan accordingly when planning activities. You can enlist the help of the playgroup participants to help off-set the costs for other supplies or to gather unusual items.

  • All Playground Captain Agreements are a 6 month commitment. At the end of six months, the franchisee, the instructor, and/or the Play Group Captain may determine if the agreement is successful and it if will continue.
  • Attend periodic FIT4MOM Main Line & Media Team meetings as needed.

Next Step... Email Erin: erintaylor@fit4mom.com